Bismarck-Hettinger Rural Track Goals and Objectives

Our mission is to train excellent and competent family physicians who will meet the medical care needs for the citizens of North Dakota.


  1. Operate a superior ACGME-accredited Family Medicine residency program that meets criteria for excellence.
  2. Design and execute a medical training curriculum so that all graduates pass the boards of the ABFM on their first attempt.
  3. Maximize the number of our graduates who stay in practice in rural, under-served areas in ND.
  4. Minimize the attrition rate of residents accepted into the program, while maintaining high expectations of performance and competence.


  1. Design a curriculum based on national accreditation standards.
  2. Evaluate each program goal on an ongoing basis in order to continually improve resident education and adapt our training program to the constantly changing environment in which physicians deliver healthcare.
  3. Actively engage in recruitment and mentoring of UND SMHS students.
  4. Evaluate residents individually early and often in order to identify deficiencies, and intervene with individualized learning plans to remediate these deficiencies as soon as they are identified.
  5. Keep core faculty members up to date on current medical knowledge.
  6. Educate all core faculty regarding their influence as role models and encourage them to maintain high professional standards.
  7. Include specific curricula on rural medical practice in the training of all residents.
  8. In as many areas as possible, evaluate resident performance based on competence in established areas of medical training.

Discipline-Specific Goals