Center for Family Medicine, Bismarck

It takes a special person to pursue a career in family medicine. We seek concerned, compassionate and intelligent residents who are dedicated to caring for the whole patient and the entire family.

The UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences Center for Family Medicine in Bismarck, N.D., has a solid history of attracting top-notch medical school graduates who complete their residency education as well-trained, caring family doctors. We are proud of the accomplishments of our residents who work hard, make difficult decisions and complete our program with the confidence and competence to practice successfully.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide well-trained family medicine physicians to meet the needs of the people of North Dakota.
  2. To provide continuing, comprehensive quality healthcare in family medicine.
  3. To provide an integrated and progressive educational program for resident physicians.
  4. To provide the opportunity for each resident physician to develop and maintain a continuing physician-patient relationship.