Indians Into Medicine

The Indians Into Medicine Program (INMED™) is a comprehensive program designed to assist American Indian students who aspire to be health professionals to meet the needs of our tribal communities.

INMED Services

  • Student support and advising services
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Financial Aid Advisement
  • Tutoring

Summer Programs

  • Summer Institute Program (SI)
  • MCAT Prep Program
  • Career & Life Instruction for Matriculation Building (CLIMB)

Program Purpose and History

INMED is a comprehensive education program assisting American Indian students who are preparing for health careers. 

The program addresses three major problem areas:

  1. Too few health professionals in American Indian communities
  2. Too few American Indian health professionals
  3. The substandard level of health and health care in American Indian communities

INMED was established in 1973 to address the need for health professionals to serve reservation populations. INMED is a viable means of supplying these health professionals. The program is located where American Indian health needs are the greatest. American Indian populations on the 24 reservations in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Nebraska are among the most underserved in the country.

INMED is making an impact. Nearly 500 American Indian medical doctors and allied health professionals have graduated through the program, and many additional American Indian students have received advisement or referral from INMED staff.

INMED's Comprehensive Approach

An important aspect of the program is the large concentration of American Indian health career students, over 100 each year, who participate in INMED's academic year support program. Another 60 American Indian students attend INMED's annual summer enrichment sessions at the junior high, high school and medical preparatory levels. These summer programs bolster participants' math and science backgrounds, introduce them to health careers, and provide INMED with a constant pool of applicants.

The INMED program is an integral part of the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences, and INMED also maintains close relationships with area tribes and with several national education organizations. An all-American Indian board, the INMED Tribal Board, represents American Indian populations and assists in developing INMED philosophies and priorities.

The number of Indian students who participate in INMED increases each year, and the scope of the program's activities is expanding. INMED is destined to continue its leadership role in training American Indian students for health careers.