Minot is a city of approximately 47,000 located in north central North Dakota.

The community was founded as a center for railroad transportation, developed a strong economic agricultural base and became a major medical referral center for northwestern North Dakota and eastern Montana. In the last decade, Minot has grown with North Dakota's burgeoning oil production. A United States Air Force Base is located 10 miles north of the city with a population of approximately 5,000.

The public school system includes 12 elementary schools, two middle schools, and a two campus high school. Two parochial school systems, Catholic and Lutheran operate in all 12 grades. Minot boasts a remarkably high graduation rate and its schools are extremely safe. Minot State University, with an annual enrollment of approximately 3,500 began as a teacher's college in 1913, subsequently transitioning into a liberal arts university. While the university offers a wide variety of degrees, they are particularly known for their teacher's education, music education, communication disorders training, and nursing program. M.S.U also offers several graduate degrees in education, school psychology, criminal justice, communications disorders, management, and mathematics.

Minot takes pride in its clear skies, friendly people, and wholesome atmosphere for living and raising a family. Our residents often comment on how friendly and helpful they have found people to be here. In the spirit of full disclosure, it is very cold here in the winter. Nevertheless, our residents from all over the world are able to accommodate and many choose to settle in North Dakota after graduation.

There are numerous cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities in the area:

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