Dawn Mattern, M.D.

Dr. Mattern is Trinity Health's medical director of sports medicine, physical therapy and exercise physiology. A 2000 graduate of our program, Dr. Mattern completed a sports medicine fellowship at the Ohio State University Sports Medicine Center before returning to the Minot area. She has a Family Medicine practice at Trinity Health, has developed a sports medicine program ensuring that there are physicians or trainers at most community sporting events, and developed a sport injury prevention program. She is a tireless promoter of exercise as medicine. She is also a volunteer team physician with the United States Olympic Committee and the Justin Boots Sports Medicine Team with professional rodeo. She is passionate about teaching proper physical exam skills and enjoys including resident physicians in her community work. In addition to supervising the sports medicine rotation, Dr. Mattern can often be found precepting at our clinic.

Scott Knutson, M.D.

Dr. Knutson, a 2004 graduate of our program and Chief of Medical Staff at Trinity Hospital, was named Assistant Dean for the Northwest (Minot) Campus of the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences in 2013. Dr. Knutson was administrative chief resident, 2004 resident of the year, and 2004 NDAFP William J. Buckingham award winner. After graduation, Dr. Knutson served on the faculty of our residency program promoting OB training for family medicine residents. He subsequently took a position at Trinity Hospital in the Emergency Department where he facilitated Trinity's early adoption of the Electronic Health Record. He has held a number of hospital leadership positions and returned to medical education when he assumed the directorship of the MILE program, an innovative third year medical school curriculum offered in Minot.

Mark Longmuir, M.D.

Dr. Longmuir, a 2012 graduate of our program is the medical director of the Mountrail County Health Center in Stanley. He is a graduate of the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, and is a great example the North Dakota medical education model. Dr. Longmuir was our administrative chief resident while at our program and was always a pleasure to work with. He is truly committed to the health of his community and exemplifies the role of the family physician in a small town.

Rup Nagala, M.D.

Dr. Nagala is another graduate who has gone on to truly meet the needs of a rural community. He was recruited to run a full-spectrum Family Medicine clinic in Oakes, ND in 1978. He has gone on to run six clinics in the area, working closely with other providers. He and his wife have ensured that inhabitants of this area of the state have high quality available health care. Minnesota Public Radio wrote a nice story about him that you can find here.