Library Resources FAQs

If you are accessing a library resource remotely, you will be prompted to log into your library account. You will log into the NDUS library system, ODIN. Enter your IdM/Blackboard credentials to gain access.

PDF Instructions

(See instructions below for more information about login credentials.)

Log in with your IdM/Blackboard username and password

Username = john.smith
Password = IdM/Blackboard password
*Do NOT use as part of your user name

Log in using your email address and your last name as your password

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*Former UND SMHS students, residents, faculty, and staff are not able to maintain access to licensed library resources.

Forgot your IdM/Blackboard/PeopleSoft/SafeConnect user name or password?
Contact UND Tech Support by email or telephone (701.777.6305)

Forgot your remote access email address?
Contact the Information Desk by email or telephone (701.777.3993)


The links are determined by the publishers. Most publishers permit a direct link, but some publishers will send users to another search screen.

If you need help locating an article, contact the Library Resources Information Desk at or 701.777.3993.

The library provides electronic access to journals whenever possible. Some reasons why a journal isn't available electronically are the following:

  • Cost - The library budget does not support subscribing to all titles electronically. Please contact the Collection Management Librarian with suggestions and comments as to which titles are needed the most.
  • Availability - Some titles are not yet available electronically.
  • Licensing - Publishers may have license restrictions on usage conditions that we cannot accept.