Geriatricians, along with their team-members in allied health, prevent, manage, and develop care plans that address the special needs of elderly adults.

The percentage of adults age 85 and older is higher in North Dakota than almost anywhere else in the United States. This is why the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences emphasizes geriatric training for the state's next generation of physicians and other health professionals. After all, as our motto suggests, "Aging: if it's not your issue now, it will be."

The SMHS Department fo Geriatrics is led by Donald Jurivich, DO, Gilbertson Distinguished Chair of Geriatrics.

Purpose of the Department of Geriatrics

  • To educate about normal aging and geriatric syndromes.
  • To discover new ways to prevent or slow aging & age-dependent conditions.
  • To provide clinical service to older adults with functional impairments in cognitive, psycho-social and physical conditions.


To Age Beyond Expectations


  • Extend our health span
  • Combat age-dependent diseases
  • Improve recovery processes from acute illnesses
  • Reduce late life disability
  • Improve quality and lower costs of senior healthcare
  • Translate biology of aging into clinical interventions


  • Caring For All
  • Do Things Better
  • Inquiring Minds
  • Team Work