Department of Sports Medicine

The mission of the Department of Sports Medicine is to serve the region through provision of education, research and service in sports medicine. It is recognized that sports medicine is a multidisciplinary field involving many facets of the health care community. The Department of Sports Medicine functions as a coordinating entity to help other disciplines provide education, research and service in this area.

Specifically, the Department of Sports Medicine provides direction for the BS in Athletic Training degree program, a medical elective in sports medicine, and residency training in sports medicine. Service components of the Department are handled through the athletic training services provided for UND athletics and The Center for Sports Medicine, a clinical practice in sports medicine. Research and continuing education are vital aspects of the Department of Sports Medicine to improve the quality of care for athletes regionwide.

Through the Department of Sports Medicine's educational, research and service programs, a regional resource for sports medicine care is being established. This resource will positively impact the health care of the athlete in North Dakota and the surrounding region.