Patient Care Services

Center for Sports Medicine

The Center for Sports Medicine is an outpatient physical therapy clinic affiliated with the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences. The Center provides comprehensive care for sport, recreational, and orthopedic injuries. Along with the care component, the Center serves as a teaching facility for sports injury care for the Department of Sports Medicine.

APPOINTMENTS: 701.777.4846 or 701.777.4845

An individual with a sport-related or orthopedic injury can seek treatment at the Center for Sports Medicine. Please call for an appointment—8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Comprehensive Coverage for UND Intercollegiate Athletics

The Division provides athletic training services to 500 athletes who compete in intercollegiate athletics at UND. The teams are

  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Football
  • Men's and Women's Golf
  • Men's Ice Hockey
  • Men's and Women's Cross Country
  • Men's and Women's Indoor Track
  • Men's and Women's Outdoor Track
  • Women's Soccer
  • Softball
  • Men's and Women's Tennis
  • Women's Volleyball