SIM-ND Equipement

State-of-the-art human patients simulators are being utilized to deliver SIM-ND education. These lifelike mannequins respond to medical treatment and procedures as if they are human. They cry. They breathe. They talk. They react to medicines. And they die. All just like humans. But, unlike humans, they can come back to life again and again. All so that medical personnel can practice their skills repeatedly in a low-stress environment.

Human patient simulator-adult (METIMan)
Human patient simulator-child (PediaSIM)
Human patient simulator-infant (BabySIM)
Pregnant/birthing simulator (Fidelis Lucinia)
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SIM-ND mobile labs allow on-site training for Critical Access Hospitals, EMS units, and other medical providers across North Dakota. Simulation learning occurs in one of four 44 foot custom-built learning labs. Each lab includes a simulated emergency room (ER) with slide out extensions and a simulated ambulance space in the rear. In the center of the lab is a control room from which simulation and audio visual operations are monitored. The mobile labs can operate with either an on-board 25 kw generator or a 100 amp service shoreline system.

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Users Manual for SIM-ND