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All work produced by utilizing the imaging center (electron and light microscopy) MUST acknowledge the COBRE grants NIH P30GM103329 and 5P20GM113123. If you used the Olympus IX83 TIRF microscope for your work, please acknowledge grant number as well. Published work must be submitted to PubMed Central and have a PMCID number. See Policies for proper attribution statement.


1. Zeiss 510LSM Meta: New Computer

  • Users that have completed training and utilized the machine this calendar year will find their name on the start up screen.  Your password currently is "changeme." Change your password the first time you log-in.
  • You no longer need to increase the Argon laser output percentage; use it at its initial setting.  The 6.1A tube current setting is no longer necessary.
  • Save all files to the Data (E:) drive.

2. Sarah is having a baby!

  • Make sure you complete training on any/all light microscopy machines by Friday, Sept. 8.
  • Training from Mon., Sept. 11, through Fri., Dec. 1, will need to be scheduled with Dr. Bryon Grove (; 701.777.2579).
  • Sarah plans to return to work on Mon., Dec. 4.
Last Modified 11/7/17