Student Affairs at the SMHS

Consistent with the goals of the University of North Dakota passed by the University Senate in 1996, the School of Medicine & Health Sciences Office of Student Affairs values and supports the following goals:

  1. That everyone be allowed to work, learn and live in a safe, caring environment.
  2. That everyone learn about, understand, appreciate and respect varied cultures.
  3. That everyone matters.
  4. That all individuals be respected and treated with dignity and civility.
  5. That everyone continue to share in the responsibility of making UND a better place.

To this end, the Office of Student Affairs at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences strives to:

  • Serve as a resource in promoting educational, career and life goals in prospective, current and past students.
  • Expect quality and foster it in all that we do, continually assessing student and institutional performance.
  • Act with integrity in all endeavors.
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Recognize our colleagues as the cornerstones of our organization and acknowledge that our strength comes from their empowerment and motivation.
  • Appreciate and respect diversity of people, ideas, and thought to create a cross-culturally competent community.
  • Encourage teamwork and celebrate success.
  • Maximize educational partnerships advancing high expectations for active student learning and engagement.