Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

Below are UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences researchers working on projects related to obesity and cardiovascular disease:

Colin K. Combs, Ph.D., Professor (Ph.D., University of Rochester): Mechanisms by which inflammatory activation of brain glial cells contributes to neurodegeneration. The process by which a specific type of glia, microglia, contribute to the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease.

Eric J. Murphy, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Ph.D., The Ohio State University): How the brain maintain the unique lipid environment that is essential for normal brain function. The mechanisms underlying fatty acid uptake into the brain. N-3 Fatty acids in the human diet.

Kurt Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Ph.D., Kansas State University): The gene regulatory networks for heart development and the molecular mechanisms of congenital heart diseases; The gene-environment interactions for child obesity development.