General Information

Welcome to your Psychiatry Clerkship

The Psychiatry Clerkship will be an experience which builds on the skills you have learned in your pre-clinical courses throughout the first two years of medical school. We encourage you to use online texts and resources available through UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences. During the clerkship, you will have access to clerkship information and materials on Blackboard. A copy of the DSM-5 will be provided.

Your preceptors might also recommend readings for your benefit based upon patient encounters. You will also be expected to do some limited research of the literature in preparation for a teaching experience which you will provide for your fellow students.

By the conclusion of your clerkship, we anticipate that you will know basic psychiatric diagnostic and treatment considerations to a greater extent than expected of you in the second year.


Registered users (students, faculty and staff) will have access to our Clerkship requirements within Blackboard. Once logged into Blackboard (using your IdM username and password) find the heading My Organizations and content will be under Psychiatry Clerkship.