Why Public Health

Public Health is for people that want to make a difference in a community, a nation, or even the entire world.

Preventive Health Care 

Public Health focuses on prevention within an entire community rather than treatment of individuals. Preventive matters can save more lives than treatment and is cheaper to implement. Over the course of 25 years, preventive measures can save 4.5 million lives and $600 billion.

Public Health can affect every single person and can improve someone’s life on a daily basis. The changes that arise from Public Health can impact people forever and can influence generations to come.

Currently, Public Health is tackling issues of chronic disease, global health, vaccinations, tobacco, mental health, environmental health, and many more. With a degree in public health you can help combat these issues and make an everlasting difference!

100% Employment Rate

A degree in Public Health opens the door for a variety of different jobs. UND's Master of Public Health Program has a 100% graduate employment rate in health-related careers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that this area of employment is rising faster than the national average and by the year 2020, the United States is expected to have over 250,000 new job openings in the field of Public Health. Also, more than 50% of the US’s fastest growing jobs are in public health with an M.P.H..


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