Center for Health Promotion & Prevention Research (CHPPR)

The Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research (CHPPR) was established in 2001 with federal funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration and approved by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education.

The mission of CHPPR is to assist community partners in reducing chronic diseases and other health problems caused by preventable high risk health behaviors. Our projects have addressed smoking, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, substance abuse, obesity, school health environments, online health risk assessments, and family violence.  Two main goals have been established to accomplish this mission:

  1. To provide education, training, consultation, and evaluation services to students and community partners involved in health promotion and the prevention of high risk health behaviors.
  1. To develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based health programs delivered in North Dakota schools, clinics, worksites, and other community settings.

CHPPR’s Director, Dr. Nancy Vogeltanz-Holm, is a behavioral health psychologist with extensive experience in implementing and evaluating community health programs for youth and adults. CHPPR’s research-based programs have been supported by federal and state grants. For more information on CHPPR’s services and research, including our worksite health promotion programs, please call or email Dr. Vogeltanz-Holm:

Director, CHPPR
  • 701.777.3148