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Nechaev Lab

Welcome to Nechaev lab!

The lab pursues the mechanisms that enable epigenetic regulation of gene activity. The puzzling problem is how the same genome is properly read in each cell and how malfunctioning of this mechanism can lead to cancer. We believe that a phenomenon of RNA polymerase II pausing has something to do with it.


03/2018 - Sergei  receives a 5-year NSF CAREER grant to study the molecular mechanisms of global transcription regulation at gene promoters.

02/2018 - Damien Parrello joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow.

09/2017 - Sergei  receives a 3-year R21 grant for the development of small RNA-based technology to analyze degraded cancer specimens. 

04/2017 - Ann Samarakkody  accepts a postdoctoral position at Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. 

03/21/2017 - Ann Samarakkody  defends her PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr Samarakkody!

02/2017 -  Ata Abbas accepts a position of Adjunct Assistant Professor at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Cleveland, OH

12/2016 - Ann Samarakkody presents permanganate footprinting technique at UC Boulder, Taatjes Lab


Recent publications from the lab:

Scheidegger and Nechaev, 2016.

Scheidegger et al., 2015 .
Samarakkody et al., 2015. Link to the UND news article.

Recent collaborative publications:

Conference Proceedings:

Zarns et al., 2015.


Journal Articles:

Casselli T. et al., 2017

Chauhan A. et al., 2015.

Scruggs B. et al., 2015.

Henriques T. et al., 2013.


Full list of publications from Pubmed.