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Research Interests


David Bradley

Immunogenetic as well as immunopathogenic events in   relapsing polychondritis; Role of microbial agents in susceptibility/resistance to the onset of arthritis

 UND/School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Jyotika Sharma

 Role of C-type lectin receptors in regulation of inflammation and myeloid cell function in bacterial pneumosepsis and chronic lung diseases

UND/School of Medicine & Health Sciences



Brij Singh



Cell signaling, Ion channels and calcium homeostasis, Cell proliferation, autophagy and cell death, neuronal physiology and neurodegeneration, TRP channels, epigenetic and stem cells.


 UND/School of Medicine & Health Sciences


Catherine Brissette



 Lyme disease, spirochetes, bacterial pathogenesis.

UND/ School of Medicine & Health Sciences



Xuesong Chen



Research focuses on understanding the role of endolysosome in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and HIV-1 associated neurocognitive disorders.

UND/School of Medicine & Health Sciences



Nadeem Khan


Respiratory bacterial-viral co-infection, Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) colonization and pathogenesis, innate and adaptive type 17 immunity, natural immunity to pneumococcal colonization, vaccine development.

UND/School of Medicine & Health Sciences


Bibhuti Mishra

 Immunology, Mounting an Immune Response and Myeloid cell Activation, Neuro-immunology, Epigenetic mechanisms in regulation of inflammation, Role of epigenetics in inflammation-associated/autoimmune diseases, Parasitology, Sjögren's syndrome.

  UND/ School of Medicine & Health Sciences

  Min Wu

Host-pathogen interaction with  P. aeruginosa , lung biology, autophagy, epigenetics (miRNA and lncRNA), inflammation, and biomedical nanoparticles.

UND/School of Medicine & Health Sciences