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Student Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Diane Darland Lab

I firmly believe that incorporating research experiences into undergraduate education is critical to help support student success. Undergraduates work in the laboratory during the academic year and in the summer gaining valuable experience in research techniques, problem solving, and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to present their research results at local, regional, and national meetings.  

Diane Darland 
Assistant Professor
Starcher Hall Room 113 
10 Cornell St Stop 9019 
Office Phone: (701)777-4597 


Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Keith Henry Lab

If you have an interest in undergraduate research in the lab please contact Dr. Henry.

Keith Henry 
Associate Professor
Office Phone: 701.777.2295
School Of Medicine And Health Sciences Room W218 
1301 N Columbia Rd Stop 9037 
Office Phone: 701.777.2295


Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Sergei Nechaev Lab

Looking for a talented, motivated team member. If interested, please contact Dr. Nechaev.

Sergei Nechaev, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Medicine And Health Sciences Room 1733c 
501 N Columbia Rd Stop 9061 
Office phone: 701.777.2566